Positions available for motivated Ph.D. students and Postdocs!

Maeshima Laboratory at National Institute of Genetics (Mishima, Japan) is seeking for highly motivated students and posdocs to study genome organization and dynamics in the mammalian cells by novel interdisciplinary approaches. For more details, see our recent review articles:

Ide, S., Tamura, S., Maeshima, K. (2022) Chromatin behavior in living cells: lessons from single-nucleosome imaging and tracking.
BioEssays. 44, 2200043.
doi: 10.1002/bies.202200043

Maeshima, K., Iida, S., Tamura, S. (2021) Physical nature of chromatin in the nucleus.
Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology. a040675.

In NIG PhD course, all the education is done in English. Japanese is not required. The students can study and perform excellent science.
Student dormitory is available at NIG. To join our PhD course, there are three possibilities:

  • NIG Global Scholar (NIG-GS) Selection
    Positions fully supported by MEXT (Japanese government) for excellent students. The selection is competitive.
  • NIG Graduate Program
    Positions partly supported by NIG Research Assitant system (essentially self-supporting). Tuition fees are required but often dispensed or reduced for foreign students. If performance of the student is very good, further support will be considered by our grant. Note that the education and training in the three possibilities are exactly same.

For students who consider to join our lab as a Ph.D. student, NIG has summer internship program.

For those who are interested in working in Maeshima Lab as a posdoc, there are two posdoc programs available:

NIG Postdoctoral Research Fellow Program

JSPS Postdoctoral Research Fellow Program


Further information, please contact:

Kazuhiro Maeshima, Professor
Genome Dynamics Laboratory
National Institute of Genetics

Department of Genetics,School of Life Science,
Graduate University for Advantage Studies (Sokendai)

Mishima, Shizuoka, 411-8540 JAPAN